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James D. Wamble P.E., R.L.S.

Civil Engineer

Registered Land Surveyor

Registered Land Surveyor - Tennessee License No. 1136

Professional Engineer - Tennessee License No. 14236

James "Danny" Wamble is a double-licensed design professional with more than 40 years experience specializing in civil engineering, land planning, and land surveying.   He is committed to providing excellent quality, state-of-the-art, and cost effective services with special emphasis placed on technical accuracy, competitive rates, and timely performance.  Danny started Wamble & Associates, PLLC in 1984, and incorporated the company in 1997.  

Danny has been the licensed professional in charge of land planning, surveying and civil engineering projects providing clients with both project design and expert witness services.  The types of professional services that Danny provides are presented in the following table:





Services include (but are not limited to) research, conferences, reviewing documents, site inspections, engineering analyses, performing land surveys, preparing survey and civil engineering drawings, investigating, report writing, preparing exhibits, and testifying at depositions, trials, hearings, and arbitrations.   





Danny has served as an expert witness in land planning, surveying and civil engineering cases in state and federal courts.  Many lawsuits in which he has assisted have been settled after his deposition testimony or Expert Opinion Report.  Danny has served as an expert witness in several types of lawsuits, many of which exceeded one million dollars in damages.  His specialty is land condemnation.  He has worked for both the landowners and the condemning authorities on over one hundred condemnation cases during his career.


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